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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Many Questions????

Today , I just have so many questions:

What do bears do when they get stung by a bee?

If moments are better shared, why are you alone when you see something worth sharing?

Do butterflies stop and smell the roses?

If soap is not good for our skin, do soap bubbles pollute the air?

If humans are meant to move, why is it that if we stay still we feel better?

What are birds saying when they tweet? Is it the same as on twitter?

Do woodpeckers or beavers ever get headaches?

If wildcats sleep 17 hours a day, why don’t they get stiff if all they eat is meat?

Why don’t free things work as well as things you pay for?


Jacqueline Scott said...

Hahaha!! You make me laugh!! Laughter is good medicine for the soul!! AND I am so with you on the Free things working as well as things you pay for!! :) Great thoughts... :)

Cherylynn said...

Maybe we are alone when we see something worth sharing because it means so much to us and not anyone else in the world would feel the same.