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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food and Satisfaction of Life

Have you noticed that magazines/newspapers are marketing health instead of dieting now days? Use to be they peddled dieting as if it were the best thing on earth. Today, they want you to be “healthy”, not thin (even though in their world, health is understood to mean thin.)

Let’s look at the word FOOD. It is close to GOOD, isn’t it? We like good so why wouldn’t we like food? Food satisfies like nothing else in life! We have a tough time with our boss, food satisfies the stress they cause. The weather is crappy, warm food tastes especially good. Why do they bake cookies in the mall…because it smells good and makes our brain happy…food=good. Does anyone want to resist the smell and taste of popcorn in the movie theater? Of course not, we are there to be entertained…mind and mouth. We get cheap tickets then spend $30 on popcorn, candy and drinks. We understand how important food is to our satisfaction of the movie. If you ask the couple that didn’t buy any food, they will say that movie was okay, but ask the person who bought popcorn, candy and drinks and the movie takes on a whole different satisfaction and excitement.

Yes, we all know what it was like to be thin once but those days are gone. Can’t we embrace the milk and cookies and enjoy a good night’s sleep?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Do I Know?

I have been thinking about the things I really do know and came up with this list:

I know the lasting pain of losing someone you thought you would be growing old with

I know the joy of growing things from seed, including children

I know the sheer joy of hearing a young child laugh and know it is the sweetest music to my ears

I know the pompous satisfaction of getting something of high quality for a bargain price

I know that living, loving and laughing are not easy for any of us...we have to choose to remember the little things that make life worth living, love worth sharing and laughing worth the effort

I know that most of us are more alike than different and we experience a majority of the same things in life

I know as a woman, when I put my mind to something, it gets done. I know there is nothing stronger than the will of a woman on a mission

I know the smell of a spring rain has an uplifting effect on my well being, the sound of crunching leaves under my feet helps bring out the little girl in me and I still wait with grand anticipation for the first snow

Saturday, March 6, 2010


What is it that stirs our memories so much that we dream of things that were with different characters? Funny how we can keep things straight when we are awake but in a dream state, everything gets fuzzy and the two worlds seem to blend into one. It is good that our minds tend to forget things in the past and we move on. In dreams, the emotions can come back full force or you can be detached from them. I wonder if it is a choice or just our state of mind at the time of the dream? Do we really forget and move on or do we just stop thinking of the memory? Lots of questions and no answers today.