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Sunday, May 2, 2010

1440 Beautiful Moments

Everyone that knows me knows that I read a lot of books. I review books, I read them for information and I love being entertained by books. Sometimes, there is nothing better than the feel of a book in my hand. On my many sleepless nights a book is what keeps me from feeling sorry for myself because I can’t sleep. I am just not wired for long sleeping hours, which is perfect for a writer/photographer/reader.

I was reading a book on photography yesterday (the second one I finished in a day) and read about the moments in a day that we have at our disposal. This following quote was taken from that book, “Today, be aware of how you are spending your 1, 440 beautiful moments and spend them wisely.” It is quoted but has an unknown source…apparently the person was too busy with the thought of their moments to put their name to what may be quoted in the future.

I have to agree with the number part of that statement and do understand the meaning of “paying attention” to what you do with your time, but so much of our time is not under our control, is it?

If we sleep 8 hours a night (which most of us don’t but I am just using it as an example) then 480 moments of the 1,440 moments in a day are gone…right off the top…just like a puff of smoke! Now, you only have 960 moments in your day to be pressured about. Ahhh! Doesn’t that feel better?

Then we have the moments in the day that someone else needs us to help them with it a child or adult. On average, that is about 2 hours, so there goes another 120 moments of your day. Then you have another 40 moments of exercise and 10 minutes to squeeze yourself into those exercise clothes and 15 minutes to take them off after they are all sweaty...there goes that time too! Don’t forget the shower again…another 15 minutes out of your day and then to dry your hair, 10 more minutes, clean out the locker and pack your dirty clothes away…another 10 minutes to get to the car…down to 745 moments.

Then, checking for messages on email and your phone can be a large chunk of your day...say 3 hours…565…oh, and eating takes up another 2 hours out of your precious moments because you have to either shop for the ingredients or wait for it to be served to you at a restaurant…down to 445 moments. Then we have to include the 2 hours of drive time to get to work and home in the traffic...down to 325…then our conversations on the phone or in person take up another 2 hours during our waking hours…down to 205 now. We also waste err...use about 30 minutes daydreaming and then we have a practice game for Johnny tonight, so there goes another 2 hours of your day just getting everyone there on time and watching the practice (sort of), then returning home, we now you have to sort the mail, pay the bills, and supervise the kid’s bath time…down to 10 minutes and that is all yours! WHEW!!! Don’t you feel better knowing you spent your time wisely and still had time left over for you? Aren’t you glad you paid attention to your 1,440 moments?????

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Jacqueline Scott said...

Oh my goodness!! Only 10 minutes? Then I am totally doing something wrong!! Where is my time management for dummies book???