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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food and Satisfaction of Life

Have you noticed that magazines/newspapers are marketing health instead of dieting now days? Use to be they peddled dieting as if it were the best thing on earth. Today, they want you to be “healthy”, not thin (even though in their world, health is understood to mean thin.)

Let’s look at the word FOOD. It is close to GOOD, isn’t it? We like good so why wouldn’t we like food? Food satisfies like nothing else in life! We have a tough time with our boss, food satisfies the stress they cause. The weather is crappy, warm food tastes especially good. Why do they bake cookies in the mall…because it smells good and makes our brain happy…food=good. Does anyone want to resist the smell and taste of popcorn in the movie theater? Of course not, we are there to be entertained…mind and mouth. We get cheap tickets then spend $30 on popcorn, candy and drinks. We understand how important food is to our satisfaction of the movie. If you ask the couple that didn’t buy any food, they will say that movie was okay, but ask the person who bought popcorn, candy and drinks and the movie takes on a whole different satisfaction and excitement.

Yes, we all know what it was like to be thin once but those days are gone. Can’t we embrace the milk and cookies and enjoy a good night’s sleep?

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Cherylynn said...

I agree as long as we are healthy why not eat what we want. Food is what keeps us alive mentally and physically. Great article.