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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Genuine Nice People

I went to see my favorite computer guru yesterday to take him my old computer for recycling...not to be burned in China and send toxic waste to their air, but for others in my local area. He is such a dear person....kind to the core. I think we are all amazed (and not always in a good way) about how different people can be. I was reading a blog earlier about a woman that took books (not worn out but expensive, nearly new books) to the library in her area and she met the most lovely (sarcastic) person that was, shall we say, less than friendly. We all have to be aware that what we do in public, whether we are getting paid for it or not, can make the moments good or not so good for others. Is it so much effort to put on a smile? Do people forget to be grateful for all the things they, not your new shoes, silly. The things and people in your life that make it worth living each and every day. To all that make my life better just by being in it, I salute you and wish I could hug all of you!

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