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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too impatient to Wait for Spring

I love tulips so about a month ago (actually two months) if you count the month I had them tucked in the dark place in the refrigerator to fake them into thinking it was winter. A short while ago, okay? Can we continue with the story? Thank you.

A very short while ago, I decided I wanted to have tulips before the frost cleared in Colorado. Frost isn't clear until the end of May and I was determined not to have to wait that long this year. I learned how to force bulbs to bloom online. Yes, amazing all the wonderful glorious things you can find to do online. It is so simple, I can't imagine why I didn't do this years ago.

You put the tulip bulbs (not all bulbs have to be faked into winter) in the coldest part of the refrigerator for a few weeks..mine were there a month just because I kept forgetting to get potting soil. They will start to get stems...when that happens,you put them stem side up in a flower pot, cover them with soil and water. Put them in a sunny window each day and WHAMMO! You have tulips in about 3-4 weeks..the stems work their way up through the soil in about 5 days and it is exciting watching things grow so quickly...yes, I actually watched them what!

That is the easy part. One word of caution is that these flowers/stems/leaves love sun so they will be stratching at the door each day as soon as the sun comes up...I AM WARNING YOU! As I write, they are driving me crazy with all their noise and chatter and constantly asking if it is warm enough yet to go outside on the patio.

With it being only 23 degrees, I should let them out and maybe it would teach them a lesson about patience too...but no, I enjoy their loveliness too much to destroy them just to teach them a valuable lesson.

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