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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Technology: Are We Over Connected

Do you ever wonder where the time goes in a day?  We are all so connected with our big screen TV’s, cell phones that are mini-computers, laptops with an extra screen, and of course our iPads, and iPods for music to pass the time, or some equivalent thereof to communicate with the world or… are they to shut off the world?

We go into any restaurant and are immediately faced with a big screen TV.  Once we sit down, we pull out our cell phone to see if we have an email, newsfeed on Facebook, or IM’s (even though we checked right before we got out of the vehicle.)

Are we really connecting when we can’t be “present” in what is currently happening in our life?  Is this the type of life you envisioned for yourself 5 years ago?

It is tough to fight the new technology gadgets that come out almost monthly in our world. I have to always ask myself if the gadget is going to make life easier or more complicated…here is my vision for the new gadgets:

I buy one and am elated as I feel my status in life has just gone up a couple of notches.   I walk straighter and feel taller.  The new gadget is HOT!  I am walking on cloud 9.

I am confused as to how to get the new gadget to do what it was advertised to do.  I pull out the instructions which tell me that the new gadget needs to be charged for 14 hours before use.  Ugh!  I plug it in and forget it for a while.

I get online and find reviews of the new gadget that tell me there are software issues and I conclude it was a bad purchase and is “limited” due to software issues. I return the purchase to the store and get a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee.  I state my case to the manager, which points out that their return policy, is right on the sales receipt.  What tha…? 

Now, I am frustrated and lighter in the pocketbook too.  My status deflates a few notches.

I realize that my life is great without the gadget and vow to keep upgrading my computer software and let the other gadgets come and go without any money changing hands…consoling myself with the words, “been there, done that.”

Haven’t we all?

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