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Monday, January 31, 2011

Watch for the "Open Here" Instructions

With all the technology we have now days, I have yet to be able to unwrap a stick of butter without leaving some of the wrapper behind or getting the cube of butter all over my hands.  Why hasn’t someone invented a butter unwrapper by now?  There should be one of those at “As Seen on TV” promotions. 

The same goes for those packages that have printed on them, “open here”…which can’t be opened without a tool in that particular place.  I still love the soda can cases that tell you to open them so it will be easier for you to take one can out at a time after you store the entire box in the refrigerator…the flap can never be opened easily without scissors. And, the last time I used scissors I punched a hole in one of the aluminum cans!  I know what you are thinking… Yes, I put my mouth over it and drank it that way, since it was already opened.  The soda can used to be the hardest part to get open, but now, it is easier to open the can than it is the packaging it comes in!

The best is the mayonnaise jars and salad dressing containers.  You have to take that stinking cardboard off the top in order for you to use the contents.  What is that about?  Do the manufacturers now hire people that will contaminate the contents?  Does someone want to open up the container and put something in there that we didn’t pay for?  The containers need the “jaws of life” to open them!   And, with 80% of the population on some kind of drug, I doubt anyone would notice if there was anything in there that would hurt them.  Could it be worse than the prescription drug they are taking? 

Most containers can’t be opened without getting your hands messy.  We have to believe that the manufacturers have our best interests in mind and that messy hands are here to stay.

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