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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home Automation for the Paranoid

AJ Wilcox and I have teamed up on this post.  He has been a delight to work with and easy going about the project. Please visit his home page at 
Home Automation for the Paranoid
Are you paranoid about the security of your home? Always worrying about someone accosting your house or hiding in your bushes? Let’s find out what is available to help alleviate those fears, shall we?
Before anyone can get into your home, they have to approach it. That's why security cameras were invented.
Motion-sensing cameras around the perimeter of your home make it a piece of cake to see anything happening on your property.  Just remember, there will be things that you can’t unsee later.  Consider yourself warned.
Cameras can be programmed to record to a digital DVR's hard drive ON MOTION - so no rewinding through hours of video to see which of your neighbors was snooping - your video will only contain the parts where something is occurring.
What if someone starts creeping around at night? You can get cameras that have an infrared sensor - better known as night vision. You can paint your face black to go undetected yourself…just don’t open your eyes.
Is your paranoia overwhelming? Are you afraid someone is going to get inside your home while you are away?  There, there… I understand your condition.
Security systems are very common.  Feel better, now?  No?  You want the bells and whistles too?  You want an integrated alarm system? You want motion detectors in your indoor cameras?  You want lights that automatically come on since you have forgotten where the light switch is?  You can have it all!
If you habitually leave the house without locking the doors, you can even get automated door locks.  You can pull up a map of your home (in case you haven’t seen portions of it for quite some time) on your iPad and see which doors are locked and unlocked.  Let’s see, is it green if they are locked or it is red? 
On The Go
Worried about your home while you are at work or in your car…you can just whip out your iPhone or Android, and everything is right there. Check the status of, or set anything, from anywhere.
Basically, no matter how paranoid you are, home automation exists to help you feel more in control of your life.  We all have our quirks!  It seems home automation can really save someone’s sanity. And, of course if you're in the Utah area, we know a great home automation company that can help with the setups.

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