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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Shopping Ideas

I was in Radio Shack the other day just to pick up some connectors for a project I was working on.  When I walked in the door, there were four different sized television sets on and all tuned to the same channel…a channel that blurs certain body parts of the anatomy.  Seriously????   Does the retail environment have to resort to tactics like this to get people to buy?  Or is that just entertainment for the clerks at Radio Shack?

Okay, you know those hats that are lined with the same material you see on doggie beds?  The hats that you pull down over your ears and the bill can be flipped up and the lining shows…the ones that allow the snaps, strings, or buckles to hang down like pigtails?   Is there someone on your list that you really don’t care for…these would be perfect since the make everyone that wears them look like a prisoner that has just been released.

Remember, if your secret Santa gives you chocolates there is a very good chance that they are re-gifted as they would rather see the extra weight on your waistline rather than on their own.  Are you going to re-gift the chocolates too? 

Enjoy your holiday and keep your sense of humor!

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