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Monday, February 21, 2011

Paradigms: A Fun Exercise

There is much talk about paradigms these days.  Paradigms are not new.  Many famous people have talked about them for decades.  They are just a realization of how you look at things in a certain way…the exercises are eye-opening.  Being a previous trainer in corporate America, I wanted to show this exercise for a long time and haven’t…no excuses, I just haven’t.  I didn’t invent this exercise but in business training, it was always fun to do.  It can enlighten you on your own paradigms.
Here is the simple exercise.  What is the pattern in these numbers?

8   5   4   9   7   6   3   2   0

Most people will look for the obvious…others will have seen the exercise but not remember what the answer is and still others will remember seeing the exercise and know the correct answer.  Which one are you?


Jeanne said...

Aaugh! It's driving me crazy. First I tried the number patterns, take away and add, etc. That did not work. I tried going backward. No luck. I tried adding in pairs and almost thought I had it (8+5,4+9,7+6, but then I bombed on 3 and 2). Still looking.

Ron said...

They are arranged in alphabetical order.