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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Evolution of Reading: We Are The New Scanners

Reading has evolved and I am not sure that what we currently do can technically be called “reading” as it is more “scanning” than actual reading.  We have become a society of scanners instead of curious people that want to read about the juicy details in stories. I am still “old school” in that I read ALL the words that are written.  Sure, I scan some articles but when it generally is just for research and not something I WANT to read.  Books cannot be replaced by computer screens of any kind, in my opinion.

I was recently given some expensive clothing from a friend and decided I didn’t have the need for it so I sold it on eBay.   I was very careful to put the material it was made of, the size (in black bold) large letters/numbers, and the brand of the clothing on the ad for auction.  I placed all the details I would want on the ad plus where the item might be appropriate to wear.  Some fabulous pictures (if I do say so myself) taken on a partial mannequin hanging from the ceiling.  It was just like taking photos of a model (only no drama and the mannequin didn’t require all that makeup since the head was a hanger)…

Hands down, the most asked question was “what size is it?”  Are you kidding me? I so wanted to reply:  “Are you #%^@*! BLIND…it is in BOLD on the advertisement you idiot?”  “You don’t deserve to have these expensive clothes since you can’t read!” “Let them go to someone who is more literate than you, PLEASE!”

I have a 100% satisfaction rating and want to keep it that way.  It is important to me.  So, I took a deep breath and realized everyone misses things when reading.

I changed into my cheery helpful oh so nice customer service hat, my brain kicked in and my fingers typed a reply that was much different than my first reaction.  More like:  “The size on your item is (brand name) size 0.  In real sizes that equates to a Misses 6-8 in other stores.  Remember that is has 5% spandex so it can fit up to size 10, depending on how you like tops to fit.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with on this item.  All the best, THE extremely gracious seller.

Then there was another and another asking the same question.  I checked the ads to make sure the size was included and it was there in big bold letters/numbers, just like I wrote it.  WHEW!  I was beginning to doubt my own abilities of writing an ad. 

After I got past several of those, another person wanted the measurements from another item…not just size but actual measurements:  the measurements from one shoulder to another, the length from end of collar to end of garment, the sleeve length, inseam length and of course if I would bundle the shipping if she won more than one item. 

Okay, okay, I know these items were a REAL bargain.  If these measurements were crucial, wouldn’t you think the person would actually go buy it at the store on clearance so they could try the item on?  I would have.

I found a cloth measuring tape and carefully measured each one of the places twice to ensure accuracy and typed each one of the measurements (checked those also) with my customer service graciousness.  The person never bid on the item (no surprise) but it went to a very happy customer.

We are all guilty of not seeing things (or remembering them after we saw them) that are right in front of us so I did realize we are all human and can miss things.  I have done it myself…now, agreeing on me being human might be up for grabs…but that is another post.

I will admit that I was so ready to get rid of the items; I would have given them away after that experience if they hadn’t sold.  The experience was way to high-maintenance for me.  I packed the sold items and got them to the post office in the middle of a snow storm just to get them out of the house and have the experience behind me.  This may be my last eBay listing.  Somehow, I thought the caliber of people would be higher than craigslist.  What was I thinking?

Have you had similar experiences on eBay?  

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